News: Both Sides Now

The leading and oldest photographic establishment in this city is that of which Mr. F. D. Moon is the esteemed proprietor. . . . He is a thorough master of his profession . . . Portraits of all sizes and styles are taken here. . . . [H]is portraits are perfect in every detail. . . His gallery is resorted to by all who appreciate the conscientious efforts of the true artist to excel. . . .
Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania
Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1887, p. 139
Both Sides Now, one of my newest works, has been chosen for both the “Metamorphosis” exhibition at Darkroom Gallery and the “Wonder” exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography. [To fit the themes, I blended the front and back of the original 1881 cabinet card. The lovely subject’s name is not known, but I was able to track down the above information about the photographer. I hope that both of them would appreciate my fanciful tribute.]