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Virgin of Guadalupe

       Hear me and understand well, my little son, that nothing should frighten or grieve you. Let not your heart be disturbed. . . . Am I not here, who is your Mother? […]



       I come into the presence of still water . . .I rest in the grace of the world, and am free. “The Peace of Wild Things”Wendell Berry 


News: Happy Thanksgiving!

          My head was stuck in a box that bore the name of someone called Henry Brown. The box gave me awful headaches. My sight was dim, and I could not […]



          The laced-head[s] . . . Of the elderberry flowers Curtsied in acknowledgement . . . Of a new day . . . Filled with promises   “Elderberry flowers” Daniel Human […]


Kwan Yin

      Kwan Yin, I invoke Thy sovereign Light, The Divine Jewel of the Sacred Lotus . . . Shine Thy Divine light on my way, Illumine my steps, oh Beloved Mother of Mercy. […]



          What shape was this who came to us, With basilisk eyes so ominous . . . We saw her wavering to and fro, Through dark and wind we saw her […]


Feather Dancer

              I, a quetzal feather, a bird of the flowering water, I flow in celebration.   “Teponaztli Drum Song” Cantares Mexicanos #50 Nezahualcoyotl (Hungry Coyote)  


On a Roll

      Faster and faster it rolled . . . head over heels, one complete somersault after another like a bagel and strangely happy with [it]self.   “The Bagel” David Ignatow  


Slow Release

          O hushed October morning mild, Begin the hours of this day slow . . . Beguile us in the way you know; Release one leaf at break of day; At […]



  Hapless mariners are they, Who beguil’d (as seamen say), Deeming him some rock or island, Footing sure, safe spot, and dry land, Anchor in his scaly rind; Soon the difference they find; Sudden plumb, […]



    Beyond the park, there were fields, with a continuous shimmer of butterfly wings over a shimmer of flowers . . . which now rapidly pass by me in a kind of colored haze, […]


Summer’s End

There comes a warning like a spy A shorter breath of Day A stealing that is not a stealth And [Summer is] away —   And thus, without a Wing Or service of a Keel […]



Oh, a wonderful horse is the Fly-Away Horse – Perhaps you have seen him before; Perhaps, while you slept, his shadow has swept Through the moonlight that floats on the floor. . . .   […]


News: Family Band

Music is a door, An escape to a different world. . . . It starts off empty and colorless, and escalates to something more, your own world.   “Music” Cecilia Perner   My composite photo […]


Pocket Sandwich

          A pocket with a hole in it . . . What is a pocket but a hole?   “Pockets” Howard Nemerov  


Glass Fish

        Here we have thirst and patience, from the first, and art, as in a wave held up for us to see in its essential perpendicularity . . .   “An Egyptian […]



      A flower of waves blossoms in the distance and ripples shoreward as though a breeze had quickened the sea and set it blooming.   “Four Poems: #3” Lady Ise  


News: Soulmates

      Are you looking for me? I am in the next seat. My shoulder is against yours.   Kabir Translated by Robert Bly       Soulmates, from my Both Sides Now series, […]



        God lives on the other side . . . but through the slit where the barrier doesn’t quite touch ground, manages still to squeeze in – as filtered light, splinters of […]


Ball Toss

            [The Lord will] toss thee like a ball into a large country . . .   Isaiah 22:18 Holy Bible, KJV