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        God lives on the other side . . . but through the slit where the barrier doesn’t quite touch ground, manages still to squeeze in – as filtered light, splinters of […]


Ball Toss

            [The Lord will] toss thee like a ball into a large country . . .   Isaiah 22:18 Holy Bible, KJV


Aztec Dancer

              [W]e must shake the rattle of rhyme to deceive time and wake the soul.   “The Earth with a New Mist” A Tree Within Octavio Paz


Juggling Act

          It takes a sky-blue juggler with [six] red balls To shake our gravity up.   “The Juggler” Richard Wilbur  


News: Both Sides Now

    The leading and oldest photographic establishment in this city is that of which Mr. F. D. Moon is the esteemed proprietor. . . . He is a thorough master of his profession . […]